I mainly find my inspiration in landscapes and nature. Capturing the atmosphere I have in mind is a fascinating challenge. An image develops gradually and can be more of less abstract. Nature and landscape offer us abstract images, among other, in which some things are revealed and some remain hidden, open to interpretation and imagination. I use abstracting techniques, for example 'intentional camera movement' or multiple exposures. A specific composition or subject can produce an abstract image as well. I like the visual language in black and white and the muted palets: in images the emphasis is on form, structure and atmosphere. 


About me

Photography has been my passion for over 25 years. Until the beginning of 2019 next to a full-time job. In those years I followed specific trainings and workshops and I completed an individual coaching aimed at developing my photographic style. For years I am participating in a so called 'FotoAtelier' (photographic workgroup), where monthly our input is discussed. Development and being critically questioned is important to me.

A selection from my portfolio can be found on my website. 

For prints and questions email me. 


augustus 2021